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We offer Flat Fee Pricing! We only charge you for the Items we go after


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We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee*


Most will only dispute one item per month

We Dispute all your derogatory Items ALL at Once

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You get a Dedicated Senior Consltant and Senior Account Manager who works with you along the way!


Average life of a Credit Repair Business is 7 Months. Most Business Owners get into this industry because of the potential to make money VS. Focus on helping the client get results.

Our Experience started in 2008 and we have grown from helping clients in just one state to working with clients all over the United States

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We have found this isn't always the most Important part of most companies business models..

Our entire Team here at ASAP Credit Repair loves helping Clients! Thats our #1 Goal.. Happy Employees makes a HAPPY Experience for you!


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Credit Repair Need to Know

Credit Repair
All You Need to Know

Simple definition: Credit Repair is the process of improving creditworthiness with creditors.

The top three credit bureaus in the U.S. are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. A credit bureau collects and researches individual credit information, then sells it to creditors so they can make decisions about granting loans. The companies or agencies that help to legally clean-up bad credit information in order to give a fresh start to the consumers are known as credit repair companies or agencies.

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Credit Repair Frequently Asked Questions


ASAP Credit Repair is a Family-Owned and Operated Credit Repair Company. Founded in 2008, ASAP Credit Repair has become one of the most recognized Credit Repair Brands across the United States.

Joe Mahlow, the founder of ASAP Credit Repair, has been working in the credit industry for over 17+ years and in the Auto and Mortgage industries helping clients to get approved for loans. One night after work, Joe was having a conversation with some co-workers, which steered towards the fact that over half of their clients couldn't purchase because of bad credit. The next day, he set out to find a way to resolve this problem, and within weeks, he'd bought a credit repair franchise. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, the company he'd purchased his new business from was in the midst of financial collapse. Having invested everything he had to start this business, he could either go back to selling cars or accept he was face to face with his destiny. It was at this moment that ASAP Credit Repair was born.

Of course, that was only the beginning. Anyone can find tips and tricks on the internet, but to get results for all the clients that Joe was already responsible for and avoid legal ramifications, he couldn't just know tips and tricks; he needed to know and understand the laws.

After four years of day in, day out, trial and error, Joe and the team at ASAP finally reached a consistent success rate that many credit repair companies would (and did) envy. With an average deletion/success rate of 73%, ASAP has consistently resolved most of their clients' credit concerns by permanently deleting items from their credit reports, improving their scores, and focusing on their goals throughout the process.

ASAP Credit Repair has two critical missions, 1) to provide an effective and inexpensive option for credit repair and 2) to provide the best customer service experience along the way. We hope you choose ASAP Credit Repair for your future credit repair needs.

ASAP Credit Repair was originally established in 2008, but formally took the name in 2013.

Absolutely! We guarantee results or you will receive a full refund. In less than 1% of cases, we can't guarantee specific items to be removed, so we may offer a non-guarantee agreement to the client instead.

This is one of the MOST important questions we get. We are totally different from over 95% of other credit repair companies, because we ONLY charge for the items we pursue. Not only does this make us one of the least expensive companies out there, but also one of the fastest. This is because we dispute all of your derogatory items at the same time, meaning we're finished with your services within 60-90 days. We also offer a FREE consultation and evaluation to let you know everything we can do and all the details of your service before we charge you anything.

It definitely works! It's difficult to last in the Credit Repair industry, unless you provide reliable results plus incredible customer service...and we do. We have been in the industry for over 15 years - not many other companies can say the same thing.

Credit is something that is established when you make purchases and agree to pay back the amount you borrowed, usually with interest. Your credit is reported to the main three Credit Reporting Agencies (Equifax, Experian, and Equifax), and as you begin to establish credit in the very beginning, you are given a Credit Score. Continuing to build and establish credit will allow you to increase your credit score, which, in turn, will allow you to be approved for making future purchases such as a home or car. The ultimate, long-term goal while building credit is to pay your financial obligations on time.

A Credit Score is a rating number that is provided based on how you manage your credit. This score tells creditors how creditworthy you are. The higher your score, the more trustworthy you are. Your credit score will range from 300 to 850 and the higher the number, the better. The three main reporting agencies - Equifax, Experian, and Transunion - all provide different scores based on their reports. The credit score model used most widely by lenders to determine your creditworthiness is called "the FICO score".

A Credit Score over a 660 is considered "good" credit. This is the score that most lenders will approve you with a good interest rate. Once you have good credit, you'll want to increase your credit score over time to get over a 720 credit score (or higher), as this will help qualify for the best approvals and interest rates.

Any score under a 620 is considered "bad" credit. Having bad credit can really affect your ability to have any creditor or lender approve you for a loan. Working to increase your credit score to at least a 660 will help keep you from having to pay high interest rates on future loans.

You can access a free copy of your credit reports from Annual Credit Report, but they do not provide credit scores and their reports are hard to access and download. A site we recommend to all our clients is IdentityIQ. Their credit reports are the most accurate, with the most information, and they are super easy to access.

Credit Repair is the process when you dispute accounts on your credit report that may not be accurate or valid, and have the accounts removed or updated on your credit reports. Credit Repair is extremely effective for so many people and can help you save thousands in unnecessary interest payments and fees.

Credit Repair can take anywhere from two weeks to two months, it simply depends on how fast the creditors and collection agencies will take to respond to disputes and before offering resolutions.

It can be...if you hire the wrong company that uses the wrong process. Over 95% of the credit repair companies charge neverending monthly fees, whereas ASAP Credit Repair ONLY charges for the items we pursue. Not only does this make us one of the least expensive companies in the industry, but also the fastest! It's important to call around to different companies and inquire how their process works - you'll notice most companies will take 8-12 months to do something that takes us only 1-3 months.

Absolutely! In fact, it is your legal right to do so! Hiring a company like ours is just an option you have to make the process smoother and easier on you. We have over 15 years of experience and have perfected the credit repair process. We have helped over 10,000 clients better their credit and fulfill their credit goals and achieve their dreams. If you do decide to tackle the task of credit repair on your own, the best advice we can give you for the DIY route is to do extensive research, and not use template-based dispute letters like the ones you find online - it's super important that each dispute you send out is unique.